Jesus Died for All

He was accused, found guilty,
beaten and put to death.

What Difference Does Jesus Make In Life?

If you don't know him, you don't know
what a difference he makes.

Ascended into heaven

There, right in front of his disciples,
Jesus is lifted up into the sky.


The names of Jesus teach us about his unique person, his vital work for us, and his special love of us.

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Jesus is...King of kings and Lord of lords

How do you find Atlanta?  You could go to a public library and ask for a map.  You could surf the internet for road directions.  You could ask a family member for help.  Or you could use Global Positioning System’s navigational technology.  This...

First, congratulations on your willingness to believe you have a problem.  That means you’ve gotten past the stage where you insist, “There’s no problem, I can quit any time I want.”  The Bible says, “So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don't...

Worship The Lord

Jesus rescued us from the guilt of our sins and gives us eternal life. Therefore, we worship him because of his great love. Learn about the way we worship our Lord and prepare for hearing the Word of God written in the Bible.
> An Introduction to Worship
> Worship Helps

Today's Devotion

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Study the Bible

Discover God’s great truths for your life and your future! Our Bible Studies are  self-guided tours through God’s Word.